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Automotive Locksmith Services

How our car locksmith service works:
The good news is that we do things differently. Typically, once you place a distress call, one
of our technicians will be at your place within 15 minutes. We keep this time for calls that you
make when you are within this region. Moreover, our technicians are skilled enough to do the
work within the shortest time possible. It does not make sense to keep you waiting for a
locksmith for long only for the technician to arrive and take ages to get your car door open.
Typically, our staff assesses the situation immediately they arrive at the scene. Once they
understand the level of complexity of your door lock, they can tell you the approximate time
that they will take to get you your car keys. If the lock of your car is the simple and common
type, then our technicians will take about 10 minutes to access your keys. However, if your
car has advanced locks, then it will take our team a few more minutes to open your car doors
successfully and get you the keys.

Auto locksmith tactics:
We have several specialized tools that we use to open car doors. For example, any good
auto locksmith always carries the Slim Jim. The Slim Jim method of opening car locks is one
of the most common approaches. However, this tactic only works on simple and common car
locks. If your car has a complicated lock, then the locksmith will have to use a new set of
tools and a different method.

The use of the wedge is another vital tactic that our technicians use to access keys from
locked cars. The basis of this method is that a small opening is made at the door to allow the
use of a lasso to work on the actual lock. Thus, as it is the case with using the Slim Jim,
using the wedge enables the locksmith to access the specific components of the lock in a
non-conventional manner. Once the delicate parts of the lock are reachable, the technician
then undoes the locking mechanism to open the car door.

Car keys replacement:

On certain occasions, it may be difficult to open your car door and access the keys that are

locked inside. Under such circumstances, our technicians may opt for the car keys
replacement method. The traditional way of making spare car keys involves duplicating one
of the keys. However, this approach cannot work if you only have one key and it is locked
inside your car. To solve this problem, we usually use a code machine. This machine can
make a duplicate key by extracting all the valuable information about your lock from the
doors of your car.

Therefore, regardless of how bad the situation is, we can always help you access the inside
of your car when you have had your keys locked inside. Our team of highly skilled and
experienced employees can do the work within the shortest time possible, depending on the
type of your car door locks. Also, we have very competitive prices for all these services. Our
auto locksmiths will tell you the amount of money that you will pay for the service once the
assess the work that they need to do.

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